2 arrested in K-9 - led narcotics sweep of several Clark County high schools

Two people were arrested on drug charges involving marijuana as a result of K-9 narcotics sweeps Friday morning at several high schools throughout Clark County.

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The charges are for misdemeanor possession, according to a statement Sheriff's Maj. Andy Reynolds released through the office Friday afternoon.

The "subjects" have not been identified by age, but one is enrolled at CTC and the other is at Kenton Ridge.

The sweep included Greenon, Shawnee, CTC, STEM, Northwestern and Kenton Ridge.

Beside the two arrests, sheriff's officials said tobacco and alternative nicotine devices also were recovered at several of the schools.

According to the sheriff's office, the sweep involved K-9 officers from the Tipp City Police Department, Beavercreek police, the Ohio State Patrol, Mechanicsburg police, Butler Twp. police and the Champaign County Sheriff's Office.

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