Barrel House to collaborate with nearby restaurant

Stoney’s Munchie Bar will deliver its signature dishes to beer pub

The Barrel House in downtown Dayton has found a restaurant to collaborate with to deliver food to its customers, in part because the beer pub’s owners themselves are big fans of their partner’s food.

Jesse Seiber, founder and  co-owner of Stoney's Munchie Bar, and Sara Stathes, co-owner of Barrel House, confirmed that Stoney's will be delivering some of the restaurant's signature dishes to the beer bar's patrons. If all goes well, the collaboration between the two businesses is expected to be up and running as early as this Thursday, July 11, Seiber said.

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“We’ll be offering five or six items, a limited menu,” Seiber said, that will include Chicken & Waffles, Half-Baked Mac & Cheese, and the dish the restaurant calls “Limp Bizkits & Gravy.”

Sara Stathes, co-owner of the Barrel House at 417 E. Third St., said the collaboration came about primarily because she and her husband and business partner Gus Stathes are “are such Stoney’s fanboys” since it opened in April at 1929 E. Fifth St. in Dayton. The two businesses are 1.3 miles apart.

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“We get food from there at least once or twice a week and love everything they make,” Stathes said. “I’m a super-picky eater, and their menu is unintentionally all what I refer to as ‘Sara food.’

“We’re super excited to have easier access to their amazing food, and equally excited to help other people try them, because obviously we’re all about helping to support small, local businesses, especially ones we love.”

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For now, delivery will be available until 7 p.m. Thursday through Sunday, mirroring the restaurant’s hours, although those hours could expand in the future, Seiber said.

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