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Births, marriages and divorces


Good Samaritan

Wednesday Sept. 1

BOWLING, Stacy M. and Daniel R., Englewood, boy.

HARRISON, Rachael and Josh, Englewood, boy.

Thursday, Sept. 2

AUSTIN, Amanda and Zachary, Troy, girl.

Friday, Sept. 3

NEWLAND, Angelese D., Dayton, girl.

Sunday, Sept. 5

HISLE, Amy M. and McLEMORE, Tyler R., Dayton, boy.

RANDALL, Amber L. and Joshua S., Dayton, girl.

Monday, Sept. 6

DAHLINGHAUS, Danielle S. and PHILLIPS, Zachary M., New Carlisle, girl.

Tuesday, Sept. 7

JAMES, Jennifer and Michael, Dayton, girl.

STUDEBAKER, Amy and Jonathan, Troy, boy.

WATKINS, Karessa R., Dayton, girl.

Miami Valley

Tuesday, Aug. 17

ELROD, Molly and Jason, Farmersville, boy.

STEWART, Shannon M. and SENHOLTZ, Mark A., Miamisburg, boy.

Friday, Aug. 20

JOHNSON, Nicole I. and Derrick S., Trotwood, boy.

RAAB, Michelle L. and SMITH, Adam J., Dayton, girl.

Saturday, Aug. 28

BROSS, Amanda and Tim, Springboro, boy.

Tuesday, Aug. 31

HOWELL, Andrea Danielle and Robbie David, West Milton, boy.

Thursday, Sept. 2

COOLEY, India Delilah and THOMPSON, Katrell, Dwayne, Dayton, girl.

Saturday, Sept. 4

JOHNSON, Deborah M. and LLOYD, Christopher D., Dayton, girl.

Our policy

Some births are provided by hospitals. Home births will be published if the parents send a copy of the birth certificate and a telephone number to the Dayton Daily News for confirmation.

Marriage Licenses

Issued Aug. 25

HARMON, Wyatt, 31, and BRITTAIN, Karli, 26, both of Union.

BURNS, Bruce, Jr., 28, and MORGAN, Lyndsey, 30, both of Miamisburg.

BOGGS, Larry, 34, and BOGGS, Tammie, 32, both of Centerville.

PURNELL, Joseph, 40, and FREDERICKSON, Ashley, 25, both of Miamisburg.

LOONEY, Alonzo, 78, and MITCHELL, Elsie, 70, Columbia.

SPECK, Sean, 30, and HUTCHINSON, Janna, 26, both of Kettering.

HEIL, Thomas, 27, and BEMIS, Heather, 25, both of Huber Heights.

JENKINS, Curtis, 62, and FIELDS, Yulanda, 32, both of Trotwood.

PRICE, Jason, 40, and CRAWFORD, Catlin, 21, both of Dayton.

RUSSELL, Jason, 28, and KIMBALL, Branye, 31, both of Dayton.

PARKS, Rodney, 51, and MYRICK, Darlene, 50, both of Dayton.

Issued Aug. 26

HILL, Lawrence, 41, and CASEY, Niaisha, 35, both of Dayton.

RIDLEY, Harvey, 26, and ARNOLD, Jaime, 26, both of Miamisburg.

PALERMO, Robert, 27, and BLEDSOE, Gina, 27, both of Brooklyn, NY

BENASSI, Matteo, 37, New Brunswick, NJ., and LARCO, Ioana, 32, Lexington, KY.

HIBBERD, Douglas, 22, Huber Heights, and WADE, Jennifer, 22, Riverside.

DEATON, Shane, 36, and HOWELL, Christy, 28, both of Riverside.

WALKER, Jerome, 48, and NETTLES, Chanda, 38, both of Dayton.

SIENS, Keith, II, 37, and SPARKS, Tanya, 37, both of Dayton.

SERRANO, Felipe, 30, and MATHENEY, Amber, 20, both of Dayton.

GADE, Miles, 24, and MT. CASTLE, Erica, 24, both of Naperville, IL.

SMEDLEY, David, 24, Dayton, and BERMUDEZ, Johanna, 23, Huber Heights.

Issued Aug. 27

SCOTHORN, Justin, 26, and COX, Brittany, 28, both of Centerville.

WEST, Larry, 29, and GEGOREK, Christine, 28, both of Dayton.

HEPFER, Mark, 30, Dayton, and REED, Heather, 30, Troy.

WESTLEY, John, III, 33, and BUSCHUR, Amy, 39, both of Dayton.

RUSSELL, Dujuan, 34, Columbus, and JOHNSON, Tanesha, 38, Trotwood.

BERGMAN, Eric, 23, and CAMPBELL, Ashley, 23, both of Lombard, IL.

HARRALL, Brandon, 25, and HUIET, Heather, 29, both of Huber Heights.

GARDNER, John, 32, and McKINNEY, Stacey, 28, both of Dayton.

BACK, Scott, 40, and HEVLIN, Theresa, 47, both of Huber Heights.

Issued Aug. 30

CAMILLUS, David, 28, Dayton, and STEVENSON, Mary, 27, Walhonding, OH.

BROWN, Tyon, 34, and HEFFLIN, Marcie, 37, both of Centerville.

WAINSCOTT, Jay, 42, and PENICK, Tricia, 40, both of Kettering.

BREWER, Geary, 33, Centerville, and MILLER, Jill, 31, Huber Heights.

RICHARDSON, Javan, 42, and WILLIAMS, Whitney, 33, both of West Carrollton.

SIEFKER, Steven, 28, and ALLER, Angela, 33, both of Vandalia.

WALKER, Johnnie, 49, and LOMAN, Barbara, 52, both of Dayton.

FELTNER, Joshua, 28, and BOWLING, Kristie, 27, both of Kettering.

PINKERTON, Ronald, Jr, 23 and PARKISON, Violet, 20, both of Dayton.

BAKER, Kyle, 24, and BENOIT, Kelsey, 26, both of Dayton.

DILTZ, Travis, 23, and MUTSCHLER, Natalie, 29, both of Huber Heights.

LUCIANO, Nicholas, 29, and STIVER, Lauren, 25, both of Englewood.

MARINE, Joshua, 25, and SWANNER, Lindsi, 27, both of Dayton.

ROY, Timothy, 51, and CARMODY, Brandy, 32, both of Miamisburg.

TRICK, Mark, 31, and LANTER, Aeran, 31, both of Huber Heights.

SMITH, Jamal, 28, and AMOS, Latoya, 29, both of Dayton.

HILL, Jamal, 32, and JONES, Mitessa, 34, both of Dayton.

Issued Aug. 31

NAGLE, Scott, 28, and CUNNAGIN, Heather, 26, both of Kettering.

PETZOLD, Timothy, 45, and BARLOW, Michelle, 33, both of Kettering.

HORN, Matt, 21, and VALLANCE, Annette, 19, both of Dayton.

TERRELL, Michael, 27, and BURNAM, Corinthia, 25, both of Dayton.

SALYER, Travis, 30, and THROM, Shawnda, 31, both of Dayton.

DANIELE, Vincent, 26, and CECCARELLI, Angela, 26, both of Beavercreek.

TERRILL, Douglas, 42, and ORTIZ, Loveisha, 48, both of Huber Heights.

PERANDER, Rodney, 39, and NEAL, Tori, 32, both of Miamisburg.

FLAUTE, Kevin, 22, Riverside, and BRANDSTETTER, Lara, 23, Columbus.

DOUGLAS, Brian, 27, and CLARK, Linley, 22, both of Germantown.

BENNETT, Michael, 25, and TINCH, Andrea, 29, both of Dayton.

GIBSON, Joseph, 22, and BROWN, Megan, 24, both of Riverside.

PRICE, Adam, 29, and JONES, Amanda, 28, both of Dayton.

CALDWELL, Juan, 31, Dayton, and LONG, Alma, 26, Huber Heights.

WALTER, Daniel, 24, Centerville, and GINDA, Anastasia, 23, St Louis Park, MN.

Issued Sept. 1

STOVER, Stephen, 27, and HUBLEY, Amy, 24, both of Dayton.

VARVEL, Joshua, 28, and BELLE, Laura, 28, both of Dayton.

BROWN, Kendall, 37, and JORDAN, Malika, 36, both of Dayton.

HAMPTON, David, 35, and WARE, Tyresa, 29, both of Trotwood.

NAJHAWN, Nitin, 29, Miamisburg, and BAIRE, Candice, 25,

West Carrollton.

GERBER, Craig, 34, and DAUBERGER, Kristen, 23, both of Union.

WHITE, Deandre, 23, Dayton, and GEE, Paisley, 21, Trotwood.

VAUGHN, David, 30, and LOCKWOOD, Melissa, 29, both of West Carrollton.

ZAENGER, Kenneth, 47, and MARTIN, Mary, 39, both of Dayton.

WILLIAMS, Anthony, 34, and VINZANT, Danielle, 31, both of Dayton.

AZBILL, Charles, Jr., 38, and DETRICK, Sharon, 51, both of Moraine.

MUNCY, David, 52, and STAFFORD, Sharon, 49, both of Kettering.

MEZERA, Aleksandr, 24, and SANDERSON, Katie, 24, both of Dayton.

TRESE, Cory, 28, and PERKEYBILE, Allison, 25, both of Davis, CA.

Issued Sept. 2

WRIGHT, Willie, Jr, 30, and ROBINSON, Yolanda, 30, both of Dayton.

MOORE, Danyell, 37, and DOWELL, Ebony, 30, both of Dayton.

MOKAS, William, 28, and HORNE, Heidi, 26, both of Kettering.

FLYNN, Christopher, 22, Farmersville, and SERMONS, Kelsey, 21, Huber Heights.

WATERS, Nathan, 26, and VANDERBILT, Amanda, 24, both of Centerville.

ALLEN, Javaris, 30, APO, and TRACHTMAN, Pamela, 28, Burford, GA.

FLETCHER, Scott, 38, and FLEMING, Jennifer, 27, both of Atlanta, GA.

BUCK, Donald, 84, Kettering, and EWING, Betty, 73, Centerville.

FECKE, Justin, 27, and BALL, Betsy, 28, both of Dayton.

KELTNER, Robert, 25, Kettering, and McGLONE, Ladessa, 26, Dayton.

KAPPELER, Martin, 32, and GALIARDI, Jennifer, 37, both of Kettering.

SOBECKI, Christopher, 28, New Albany, OH., and GILLAHAN, Michele, 24, Centerville.

GREENE, Kevin, 47, and LOMASNEY, Annea, 39, both of West Carrollton.

TRIPLETT, Daniel, 25, Dayton, and CRAWFORD, Jessica, 22, Waynesville.

BUCHANAN, Devlin, 34, and MEIKLE, Jennifer, 33, both of Dayton.

SCHAEFER, Paul, II, 29, and JOHNSON, Jennifer, 29, both of Dayton.


Granted Aug. 27

MAYS, Melissa, Miamisburg, vs. Kenney, Burleson, TX.

POWERS, Tara, Vandalia, vs. Kenneth, III, Troy.

SCHMIDT, Lois, Miamisburg, vs. Steven, Kettering.

WETZEL, Nicholas, Dayton, vs. McKENZIE, Ramona, Fairborn.

YOUNG, Vicki, Kettering, vs. Jeffrey, Beavercreek.

Granted Aug. 30

WARD, Matthew, Springboro, and Amanda, Kettering.

KOBERNUSS, Fred, vs. Linda, both of Dayton.

BIRDSALL, Anchalee, Kettering, vs. Jeffrey, West Chester.

MADISON, Darrell, and Kimberly, both of Dayton.

Granted Aug. 31

BARTLEY, Mary, vs. Christopher, both of Dayton.

THOMAS, Varges, Dayton, vs. Carnetta, Fairburn, GA.

Granted Sept. 1

RUSSO, Ronald, Jr., Miamisburg, vs. Michele, Dayton.

POTTER, Rhonda, Dayton, vs. John, Huber Heights.

BRINKMAN, Melissa, Dayton, vs. Jeffrey, Troy.

ARRINGTON, Faith, Trotwood, vs. Anthony, Sr, both of Dayton.

RUDY, Stacey, vs. Robert, both of Dayton.

WELCOME, Dawn, Clayton, vs. William, New Lebanon.

Granted Sept. 2

PERSINGER, Brent, vs. BONIFIELD, Virginia, both of Dayton.

NEWSOM, Tisha, Dayton, vs. ALLEN, Antone, Jr, Xenia.

McCONNELL, Rebecca, Miamisburg, vs. Michael, Dayton.

HUNT, Harmony, West Carrollton, vs. TERPENNING, Jared, Corona, CA.

LUSTER, Ariana, vs. Gregory, both of Trotwood.

LUNDY, Clarice, vs. Davon, both of Dayton.

GULTICE, Emily, Waynesville, vs. Paul, Xenia.


Granted Aug. 27

COOPER, Stephanie, Miamisburg, and HIGGINS, James, Kettering.

Granted Aug. 30

McSHIRLEY, Dawn, and Michael, both of Dayton.

HARDY, Marcie, Dayton, and Joseph, Jr, Brookville.

ABURJEILA, Mahmoud, Moraine, and PELPHREY, Emerald, Dayton.

LINDAMOOD, Amie, Hamilton, and Shea, Miamisburg.

KUCINSKY, Joseph, and Virginia, both of Kettering.

GREWE, Tracy, Verona, and Bryan, Dayton.

Granted Aug. 31

TATE, Christopher, and Kandice, both of Germantown.

GRIFFITHS, Mary, West Carrollton, and Jody, Miamisburg.

OLIVER, Brooke, and Jeremy, both of Dayton.

Granted Sept. 1

HAMILTON, Don, Dayton, and Amy, Tuscaloosa, AL.

BARTIMAY-YOUNG, Sharon, Kettering, and YOUNG, David, Dayton.

JOHNSTON, Cristlyn, and Kyle, both of Centerville.

SHOOP, Patricia, and Lawrence, both of Huber Heights.

LAKE, John, and Carletta, both of Dayton.

SHAFNER, Ann, Union, and Douglas, Brookville.

WHIPP, Carmen, Dayton, and Nathaniel, Kettering.

Granted Sept. 2

MALESKO, Julie, Kettering, and Michael, Dayton.

GREEN, Mitchell, West Carrollton, and Beverly, Vandalia.