Can you guess which local cities have the worst drivers?

Do you share the road with bad drivers?

Does slow traffic, fender benders and tailgating plague your commute?

You just might live in a place that is notorious for bad driving.

Not sure? Keep reading. has ranked the top 15 cities with the worst drivers in Ohio.

They referenced the Ohio Department of Public Safety and ranked cities with the highest number of automobile accidents in 2014.

Here are the top five cities in the greater Dayton area:

A Trotwood medic T-boned a car that went through an intersection at Little Richmond Road and southbound Ohio 49 in Trotwood. (Jim Noelker/Staff)

3. Cincinnati (Hamilton County)

Cincinnati has a population of 331,285.

There was a total number of 11,442 crashes.

6. Dayton (Montgomery County)

Dayton has a population of 166,179.

The total number of crashes was 3,109.

9. Springfield (Clark County)

Springfield has a population of 65,358.

Total number of crashes was 1,831.

10. Hamilton (Butler County)

Hamilton has a population of 60,690.

Total number of crashes was at 1,685.

12. West Chester Township (Butler County)

West Chester has a population of 54,895

Total number of crashes was at 1,632

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