Car fires: What causes them and how can you stay safe?

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How to protect yourself from car fires

Credit: DaytonDailyNews

A rash of recent vehicle fires has News Center 7 asking questions about how people can protect themselves.

A man pulled a woman from a burning car Thursday in Dayton before it went up in flames on Needmore Road.

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Minutes after the car fire broke out, firefighters were called to the Montgomery County administration parking garage.

A handful of vehicles were in the garage when a van’s engine caught fire and flames spread.

A manager at Grismer Tire said that drivers need to understand their car and get routine maintenance.

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“The first thing that people think causes a fire is gasoline, but it’s usually other fluids like power steering fluids,” said Mark Breining. “Engine oil starts fires under the hood in particular.”

He also said that rodents can also cause fires because they often make nests under car hoods and chew through wires.

While car fires can happen to anyone, they aren’t common.

One of the easiest ways to prevent a car fire? Look under your hood.

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“Just do a general overview of anything out of the ordinary,” Breining said.

Paying attention to warning lights, odd smells and smoke will also help motorists catch an issues before it turns into a problem.

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