Cheryl Coker: Riverside police continue investigating woman’s disappearance

The lead detective on the investigation into the disappearance of a Riverside woman earlier this month said there is no indication she was abducted or kidnapped, but continues to ask for the public’s help in finding her.

Cheryl Coker, 46, was last seen Oct. 2 dropping off her daughter at school, according to Riverside Police.  Her SUV was found Oct. 3 in a parking lot, locked, with her driver’s license, purse, credit cards and cellphone inside.

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“There is no evidence or anything to support that there was some type of abduction or kidnapping or anything like that,” said Riverside Police detective Travis Abney.  “We don’t feel that there’s any reason to believe that at this point.”

Abney said the department has been working around-the-clock investigating leads and tips, while also conducting search warrants to hopefully uncover clues into her disappearance.

“We follow up on every single one of them,” Abney said. “We are still aggressively investigating this case and will continue to do so until we get some answers.”

Cheryl Coker filed for divorce from her husband Sept. 21, however police have said he is not considered a suspect at this time.

In addition to tips and leads, police also have been reviewing surveillance video from areas where Coker was last seen.

Surveillance video from a business that showed Coker’s vehicle in a Riverside shopping center the day she was last seen was released to this news organization.

In the video, you see Coker’s vehicle drive down Spinning Road and turn into the parking lot. The footage is from about three hours after Coker’s family said the 46-year-old was last seen and 36 hours before police located her vehicle.

Abney said they have not been able to determine who was driving the vehicle at the time.

Anyone with information on Coker or her whereabouts is asked to contact police at 937-233-1801, extension 828.

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