Chickens still banned in Beavercreek

Residents are still banned from owning chickens in residential areas following a vote by the council on Monday night to remove updates to the zoning code that would’ve permitted homeowners to keep hens in their backyards.

The proposed zoning code changes would have allowed single-family homeowners with lots of 15,000 square-feet or larger to own up to six chickens. The zoning change also included a one-year sunset provision.

The council agreed to discuss the issue in more detail at a future work session.

The city council's decision less than three weeks after the city planning commission approved zoning regulation changes that would allow chickens in residential areas.

During Monday’s hearing, residents who support chicken ownership in the city and those against it addressed the council.

Phil Parker, a city resident, said he grew up on a farm raising chickens, hog and cattle in a rural community.

“Beavercreek has changed a lot,” he said. “… I don’t think your average citizen, your average household wants to deal with chickens.”

Jim and Pam Reisen, said chickens are pets with benefits that provide eggs, and they should be allowed in the city.

“It shouldn’t be any different if you have a chicken or a dog,” Reisen said. “I could have a 150 pound dog in my back yard but that’s OK, but a 5 or 6 pound chicken is objectionable. It doesn’t make sense.

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