Fairborn’s 100th anti-blight demolition slated this year

Fairborn’s 100th city-led demolition will take place this year when an additional five residential properties are torn down, according to city officials.

The city has demolished more than 95 structures in the past seven years, including nearly 80 houses in the past three years, said Assistant City Manager Michael Gebhart.

The new tear downs — part of the ongoing effort to combat blight — will include five properties: 331 Mann Ave., 627 Fairfield Ave., 1553 Miami Ave., 1025 Columbia Ave., and 1052 Columbia Ave.

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“These are structurally unsound and/or unsanitary,” Gebhart said. “The unsanitary part comes when mold has essentially taken over the house.”

Gebhart is stunned by the mold growing in homes torn down over the years.

“We’ve been in houses where you pull open the kitchen drawers and there’s fuzz all over,” he said. “It’s amazing how the mold takes over, and the only remedy you have — cost-effective remedy — is to tear them down.”

Combined, the five tear down properties are $15,410 behind on taxes, according to Greene County property records.

The city is in the process of soliciting bids for the demolitions.

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Funds for the demolition are provided by a community redevelopment fund city council established in the 2016 fiscal year budget and continued in the 2017 budget. Council appropriated $250,000 each year.

“It’s our hope we’ll be able to continue to do it in fiscal year 2018,” Gebhart said. “Prior to that we used (Ohio Attorney General) Mike DeWine’s Moving Ohio Forward program,” which made money available for blight removal.

Sara Noble, a Miami Avenue resident, said she looks forward to the demolition.

“It’ll be good for the neighborhood and kids,” she said. “Kids can get hurt; animals, drug addicts, anything” that breaks into the vacant structure can get hurt.

While no plans yet exist for the property, she hopes the city can devote the land for a public purpose.

“I think what they should honestly do is a garden for people,” she said.

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