Clark County Common Pleas Court cases



18-CV-0576 - Carrington Mortgage Services, LLC, v. Cecil A. Thompson, 1106 Maiden Lane, et al., complaint in foreclosure for $54,431.

18-CV-0586 - Fidelity Bank v. Theodore Munch, 3075 Arthur Road, et al., complaint in foreclosure for $94,246.

18-CV-0587 - National Loan Investors, L.P., v. Benlee Properties, 674 N. Limestone St., et al., complaint in foreclosure for property located at 3006 Erter Dr.

18-DS-0975 - Amanda J. Oyer, 5239 Ridgewood Road, E., and Shaun A. Oyer, Cable, petition for dissolution of marriage.

18-DR-0976 - Kathleen Beelek, 1445 Fairfield Pike, v. David Beelek, 1445 Fairfield Pike, complaint for divorce.


PennyMac Loan Services, LLC, v. Timothy Henderson, et al., judgment vacated, case dismissed at plaintiff’s costs.

Deborah L. Rowland v. Cascade Corporation, et al., case dismissed with prejudice.

Credit Acceptance Corp., v. Brenda Pannell, judgment for $14,680.

State of Ohio v. Burt Shane Harmison, convicted of attempted failure to comply, 15 months prison with credit for jail time served, five years driving privileges suspension, $1,890 restitution.

State of Ohio v. Dustin J. Kramer, case dismissed.

State of Ohio v. Clarence D. Nared, convicted of robbery, four years prison with credit for jail time served, three years post-release control mandatory, $37 restitution.

State of Ohio v. Rachel Byrd, case dismissed.


Marriage Licenses

Michael Edward Inskeep, 33, South Charleston, inventory manager, and Sarah Marie Mann, 21, South Charleston, recycler.

Lawrence William Morley, 65, Donnelsville, retired, and Melissa Ann Markel, 44, Donnelsville, sales.

Robert Brewer Jr., 52, Medway, mechanic, and Tanya Lynn Gunsauley, 42, Medway, cashier.


Property Transfers

Vbannex B Borrower LLC to NREA VB III LLC, 844 Cliffside Dr., 1249 Chalet Ave., 220 Slayton St., 807 Brookfield Dr., 321 Drake Ave., 309 Fenwick Dr., and 224-230 Orth Dr., New Carlisle; 2175 and 0 S. Yellow Springs St., 136 Fourth Ave., 735 Grandview Dr., 605 Mead Lane, 1924 Scarboro St., 1429 Broadway St., 2010 Rutland Ave., 1425 and 1424 Texas Ave., 2217 S. Hadley Road, 432 Mount Joy St., 633 S. Douglas Ave., 1832 Memorial Dr., 122 Bassett Dr., 307 Warren Dr., and 1317 Valley View Dr., Springfield; no fee.

James E. McCartney Jr., to Federal National Mortgage Assn., 2015 Sundance Dr., Springfield; no fee.

Norma J. Walley to Aimee M. Adams, 4906 Temple St., Springfield; $92,500.

Patricia Maria B. Finnigan to Patricia Maria B. Finnigan, et al., 0 Twitchell Road, Springfield; no fee.

Rebecca Whitaker to Jessica and Frederick Elliott, 34 Oaksmere Road, Springfield; $86,000.

Edward W. Owens II and Tracy E. Owens to U.S. Bank NA, 3332 E. High St., Springfield; $118,800.

Robert A. and Diane M. Wineberg to James and Sharhonda Spriggs, 3114 Imperial Blvd., Springfield; $178,000.

Lois D. Stutsman to Deborah A. Stutsman, 2661 Home Orchard Dr., Springfield; no fee.

Kayleigh Hooten and Clay Salser to Dawn Eanes and Joseph E. Snell, 1635 Sweetbriar Lane, S., Springfield; $65,000.

Troy Jones to Coin Jar Properties LLC, 235 W. Grand Ave., Springfield; $16,000.

Marjorie Jean Spurlin to Heather L. Sizer, 523 and 515 N. Murray St., and 602 Chestnut Ave., Springfield; $67,000.

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