Clark County Common Pleas Court cases

Clark County Common Pleas Court. Bill Lackey/Staff

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Clark County Common Pleas Court. Bill Lackey/Staff



17-DP-0885 - Angel Anthony, 1737 Columbus Road, v. Demetrius R. Castle, 2328 E. Main St., petition for civil sexually oriented offense protection order.

17-DR-0899 - Jessica Marie Boomershine, 2148 Boda St., v. Jeremy Nathan Boomershine, Catawba, complaint for divorce.


Robert Vaughn Reaver Jr., v. Bethany Ann Reaver, case dismissed.

Steven E. Amann v. Katherine R. Amann, decree of divorce granted on the grounds of incompatibility.

Lisa R. Baker and Ronald N. Baker, dissolution of marriage.

Amanda Cook and Jonathan D. Cook, dissolution of marriage.

State of Ohio v. Amber Lee Rollins, case dismissed.


Marriage Licenses

Aaron Michael Gray, 23, 501 W. High St., and Brittany Shyanne Lay, 24, 501 W. High St.

Emily Ray Freyhof, 38, 454 E. Cecil St., physical therapist, and Patrick Thomas Stanton, 39, 454 E. Cecil St., electrician.


Property Transfers

Stacy W. Lassiter to HSBC Bank USA NA, Trustee, 955 Free Road, New Carlisle; $128,100.

Christopher M. McFadden to Christopher M. McFadden, 119 Eastwood Dr., Springfield; no fee.

Janet C. Dusko to Christopher David Dusko, 333 Fenwick Dr., New Carlisle; no fee.

Paul C. Cotrell to James D. and Bethany C. Adkins, 5058 Troy Road, Springfield; $150,000.

Charles and Kathleen M. Scalf to Federal National Mortgage Assn., 1536 Uplands Dr., Springfield; no fee.

CitiFinancial Servicing LLC to Burton and Amie Cooper, 5220 Ridgewood Road, W., Springfield; $62,000.

Scott M. and Charlene A. Campbell to Brad Foulk, 3788 Petre Road, Springfield; $250,000.

Scott S. and Angela M. Bresee to Nikki Massie, 3261 Eastham St., Springfield; $89,000.

Roberta K. McCumber to Susan Elaine Althouse, 1936 Scarboro St., Springfield; no fee.

William A. Sanders to Bank of New York Trust Company, 37 Snyder St., Springfield; $10,000.

Thomas A. Lullo, Trustee, to Clark County Land Reutilization Corp., 1620 W. Main St., Springfield; $40,000.

Dorothy M. Timmons to Denny and Amy J. Miller, 1801 Salem Ave., Springfield; $20,500.

Patricia Disler to Curtis Mumma and Maureen Smith Mumma, 640 S. Douglas Ave., Springfield; $40,000.

Kathleen Adams to Codie J. and Lori C. Muncy, 767 James St., Springfield; $55,500.

Joyce E. Dean to James D. Hollopeter, 21 N. Douglas Ave., Springfield; $55,000.

Miranda E. Ravencraft to Joseph M. Decarlo, 110 Bellaire Ave., Springfield; $73,500.

Karen Beckett to Kerri D. Beedy, 1941 S. Belmont Ave., Springfield; $27,000.

Clark County Land Reutilization Corp., to Jimmy and Lora Hall, 1617 Lagonda Ave., Springfield; no fee.

City of Springfield to Thomas J. Riley Jr., 1107 Lagonda Ave., Springfield; no fee.

John Michael Stevens to Joseph Stevens, 835 E. Columbia St., and 835 E. Columbia St., Rear, Springfield; no fee.

Lester and Lucille Jordan to Lucille Jordan, 347-349 Fair St., Springfield; no fee.

Lucille Jordan to Dorwilda R. Willis, 347-349 Fair St., Springfield; $1,100.

William L. and Alice Ann Brown to Alice A. Brown, 111 W. State St., Springfield; no fee.

Douglas E. Leffel to Jessica K. and Jason A. Hanely, 355 E. Cassilly St., Springfield; $89,100.

Jane C. and Douglas J. Balchan to Christopher L. Kinsler and Nichol R. Smith, 300 Ridge Mall Dr., and 0 Ridge Mall Dr., two parcels, Springfield; $259,900.

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