Clark County Municipal Court cases


Mark Anthony Willis, 44, of 2825 Broadview Dr., assault, innocent, continued.

Kenneth B. Carter, 57, of 1416 Clay St., OVI, guilty, 90 days jail with 80 days suspended, 12 months probation, fine and costs to be suspended upon completion of 150 hours community service, one year operator’s license suspension, restricted plates required for driving modification, fined $525; driving under suspension - operator’s license forfeiture, illegal plates, dismissed.

Reuben Nicholas Craft, 21, of 2128 Hoppes Ave., theft, guilty, 90 days jail with 80 days suspended.

Samuel H. Douglas, 33, of 4651 E. National Road, theft, guilty, 180 days jail.

Alisha R. Lenoir, 23, of 1339 Vester Ave., Apt. #314, aggravated burglary, dismissed.

John Wesley Long, 22, address unknown, robbery, dismissed.

Colby D. Miller, 26, of 4537 Middle Urbana Road, theft, dismissed - prosecutor request.

Timothy L. Payne, 39, of 1700 S. Bell St., six counts violation of temporary protection order, dismissed.

Raymond W. Reibold, 53, of 414 S. Limestone St., 12 point suspension, guilty, 180 days jail, credit for time served, fined $250; use and possession of drug paraphernalia, dismissed - prosecutor request; driver’s license required, fail to signal left turn, dismissed.

Daujmerea S. Roberts, 26, of 550 E. Rose St., possession of drugs amended to attempted possession of drugs, guilty, 12 months probation, 90 days jail suspended.

Brian Eugene Smithberger, 33, of Urbana, OVI, guilty, 90 days jail with 80 days suspended, 12 months driver’s license suspension, 12 months probation, restricted plates required for modification, fined $525; OVI, failure to drive on right, no seat belt, dismissed.

Brian E. Spaulding, 39, of Columbus, theft, guilty, 180 days jail, credit for time served, jail stayed to May 1, 2017, suspended if $400 restitution is paid; theft, dismissed.

Joshua A. Wilcoxen, 23, of St. Paris, theft, guilty, 90 days jail, credit for time served.

Janesa L. Williams, 26, of Huber Heights, OVI, marked lanes, dismissed.

David Allen Zitney, 50, address unknown, theft, receiving stolen property, dismissed.

James William Gillham, 43, of 3454 Folk Ream Road, Lot 239, 12 point suspension, display of license plates, dismissed.

Frederick L. Hale, 48, of New Carlisle, disrupting public service, assault, dismissed.

John J. Potts, 27, of 1415 Mound St., theft, guilty, 30 days jail with 30 days suspended, fined $50.

Randall Lamarr Stephens Sr., 63, of 915 Sherman Ave., possession of drug abuse instrument, dismissed.

Zachary R. Titus, 32, of 1121 N. Murray St., vandalism, dismissed - prosecutor request.

Joshua Alan Sparkman, 27, of 1707 E. High St., Apt. 513, aggravated menacing, guilty, 10 days jail, credit for time served.

Mike Stanley, 23, of 760 Hyer Ave., burglary amended to criminal trespass, guilty, fine and cost due Feb. 5, 2017, fined $150.


Equan Anderson, 29, of 100 Bassett Dr., criminal damaging, innocent, continued.

Joshua P. Boian, 31, of New Carlisle, two counts burglary, innocent, continued, public defender appointed, bond $15,000.

Brandon L. Campbell, 29, of 3417 S. Yellow Springs St., OVI, innocent, continued.

Jeffrey A. Campbell, 53, address unknown, harassment with a bodily substance, innocent, continued.

Kayla M. Carter, 22, of 354 Lincoln Park Cir., assault, innocent, continued.

Paul L. Dozier, 39, address unknown, domestic violence, innocent, continued, public defender appointed, bond $1,000; two counts assault, innocent, continued, public defender appointed, bond $1,000.

Christopher L. Hard, 54, of New Carlisle, 23 counts passing bad checks, innocent, continued, public defender appointed, bond $10,000.

Kochman Harris II, 39, of 650 Damascus Ave., two counts criminal trespass, innocent, continued, bond $1,000; theft, innocent, continued, bond $1,000.

Jayvon L. Hutchins, 26, of 39 W. Clark St., domestic violence, innocent, continued.

Scott A. Pulver, 54, of 1117 Westmont, vandalism, obstructing official business, failure to comply, innocent, continued.

Michelle Sanders, 42, of 3189 E. High St., three counts violation of protection order, innocent, continued, bond $5,000.

Jeremy R. Segress, 39, address unknown, felonious assault, failure to comply, disorderly conduct, innocent, continued.

Drema D. Smith, 42, of 2212 Greenknoll, OVI, guilty, continued, released on own recognizance bond.

Brian Lee Spencer Jr., 20, address unknown, intimidation of victim, innocent, continued, public defender appointed, bond $10,000; domestic violence, innocent, continued.

Christina M. Wallace, 41, of 635 E. Southern Ave., OVI, operating without reasonable control, innocent, continued.

Lesley Morgan Wood, 32, of 316 Selma Road, Apt. Half, criminal damaging, innocent, continued, public defender appointed.