Clay Twp.-Clayton JEDD amending code to comply with new state tax rule

The Clay Twp.-Clayton Joint Economic Development District (JEDD) will meet Wednesday morning to consider a resolution on Ohio’s Amended Municipal Income Tax that allows local businesses to opt out of a new state plan for how municipal income taxes are collected from businesses.

The city and the township used to collect all the income taxes from the businesses in the city, but the state recently imposed a new plan allowing the state to collect the taxes then send them back to the local jurisdictions.

Clayton and other cities in the state challenged the state’s plan in court, but it was upheld.

Due to the change, Clayton and other cities across the state must revise their tax codes to incorporate the new state rules.

A special meeting will be held on Wednesday at 8 a.m. with the JEDD at the Clayton Government Center on Taywood Road to vote on the resolution.

Visit the city's website for further information on this new tax resolution or contact Finance Director Kevin Schweitzer at (937)836-3500.

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