Cloudy water concerns Dayton residents, but city says it’s safe

Cloudy water coming out of faucets over the last several days is concerning some Dayton residents.

The city of Dayton said it’s air, and that the water is safe to drink.

The cloudy water has mostly been an issue in the northeast part of the city, specifically the neighborhood around Kitridge Road.

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One woman said she was at work when she got a call from her daughter saying she was afraid to drink the water coming from their tap.

After turning on the faucet, within about 10 seconds you can’t see through the water. It takes another 25 seconds before it clears.

Barbara Stewart said she’s not drinking it straight from the tap.

“Uhhh, no. We have a filter in our refrigerator so we drink that water, even the dogs,” she said.

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Some residents said the water looked more like milk, with small particles in it.

“I was really concerned. First thing I thought about was lead, you know?” Stewart said.

City officials said it’s definitely not lead. They released a statement explaining the cloudiness is caused by air trapped in the water lines from routine maintenance. “It is common for some system and facility repairs to introduce air into the water distribution system. … The water is still safe for consumption and use.”

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Some families said the cloudiness is costing them, because they are buying bottled water for their children until the air is out of the system.

Stewart said she hopes it won’t take too much longer.

“It’s actually a little better than when I first noticed it. So I guess the problem is going to correct itself,” she said.

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