4 companies looking to grow medical pot on Monroe locations

Four of the companies that applied to the state for medical marijuana cultivation licenses have expressed an interest in locating a facility in Monroe, according to city records.

The state released a list this week of 185 applicants for Level 1 or Level 2 medical marijuana cultivation licenses. The state will only approve a dozen of each type.

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The state has not disclosed the locations of the proposed facilities, but all of them had to file paperwork showing they are not prohibited from growing in the city and location want to locate in. Those records show the address of the proposed facility.

These forms, obtained from the city of Monroe, show two companies wishing to open a Level 1 cultivation facility, allowing an initial growing area of 25,000 square feet; and two want a Level 2 facility, starting at up to 3,000 square feet.

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The state license would only allow the company to create an indoor facility to grow marijuana for medicinal purposes. Separate licenses and approval would be needed for companies wishing to process or sell the products.

City Development Director Kevin Chesar stressed that before building or renovating space, any company would have to go through a formal zoning process.

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“They can’t get zoning approval until they formally apply with us,” he said.

This news outlet has contacted the companies who listed phone numbers on their applications. This story will be updated if more information is received.

The companies and locations listed in city of Monroe and state records are: 

Applicant: Oberson's Nursery and Landscapes, Inc.

Level I application

Location: A 32-acre parcel on Garver Road.

Applicant: Real Growth Investments I LLC

Level I application

Location: 100 Clark Boulevard, Monroe

Applicant: CBDJ, Inc.

Level II application

Location: 920 Deneen Avenue, Monroe

Applicant: Hemma LLC

Level II application

Location: 100 Edison Drive, Monroe

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