Construction planned over the holidays at Oakwood schools

Minor demolition and construction work will begin at Oakwood Junior and Senior High during the upcoming Christmas holiday break.

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Oakwood voters passed a two-part combination school levy in May that will raise $18 million for renovations to the district’s 90-year-old schools, as well as to pay for day-to-day operating costs.

The bond issue addresses “foundational infrastructure repairs,” and is named Phase 1 of a possible four-phase development.

The work being done in December will involve removing the ceiling near the high school’s main office and on the lower level in parts of the main hallway, according to district spokeswoman Traci Hale.

She said in order to prepare for the construction work, photographs, awards and other items will be removed from the areas or covered starting in early December.

“Minor asbestos abatement work will be professionally administered and completed while students and staff are out of the building,” Hale said.

Hale added that additional work is planned for winter break in February and spring break beginning at the end of March through the beginning of April.

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District officials and members of the Design Core Team are now reviewing the Design Development documents, prepared by Heapy Engineering, and expect to have the construction design documents completed by mid-January.

At that time, a more detailed schedule of work will be developed for the remainder of Phase 1, which is expected to be completed August of 2021.

Scheduling for summer of 2020 activities has already begun as students, staff and administration will have limited access to the buildings during June and July.

In March, a public meeting was held at which seven school facility options were presented to those in attendance ranging from a comprehensive renovation of all existing facilities at $48 million to $102 million for those renovations plus a new high school and early learning center building.

“The community’s desire to keep its beautiful and iconic buildings was heard loud and clear, and that feedback was used to develop the plan,” Hale said.

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