Anonymous roses send wave of love through Yellow Springs

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An anonymous Yellow Springs resident sent roses to all the open, essential businesses to show their thanks.

Credit: DaytonDailyNews

“Compliments from a Villager, with love.”

That was the simple, warm message local essential business owners in Yellow Springs were welcomed by when anonymous roses were delivered in the village.

The order was taken and then hand-delivered by Daria Mabra, floral designer at Glen Garden Gifts and Flowers, the local shop where the anonymous person purchased the flowers.

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“It was very sweet, I was very touched,” said Karyn Stillwell-Current, co-owner of Current Cuisine since 1983 in downtown Yellow Springs. “Sometimes just at the drop of a hat, all of a sudden I can cry, which is really weird. It’s not me. It’s been stressful and I was very touched by that.”

A special arrangement was ordered to be delivered to Current Cuisine and to the Yellow Springs Senior Citizens team for all the work they are doing to help elderly residents.

“What this customer wanted was just to recognize everybody that’s making the effort in this village to keep everybody comfortable in this time,” Mabra said. “It was lovely, it was really generous. We all need that right now.”

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It took business owners a minute to understand what was going on as Mabra distributed the flowers amongst the shops.

“I had to be like, ‘It’s free! It’s free! Just to brighten your day!’” Mabra said.

A bucket of roses was also purchased to be specifically placed outside of Tom’s Market to be picked-up by customers who might need to warm gesture.

Tom Gray, owner of Tom’s Market, said the first couple weeks of operating the market during the stay-at-home orders were a little hectic. But as residents have adjusted to the current normal, almost everyone who has come into the store has been overly patient and kind to the grocer’s employees.

Last week, a customer at Tom’s Market purchased a $10 gift certificate to a local pizza shop for all 30 employees in the store.

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“My team that waits on the people out front, they collect tips and its been so great,” Stillwell-Current said. “People will put a $20 bill in the tips when they just get a sandwich. It’s been so sweet.”

While the village business owners said customers have been extra kind throughout the coronavirus situation, Stillwell-Current said a little patience is the most helpful thing right now for business owners.

“I feel like this town has really an amazing job with the social distancing and everybody in this town has gloved up, masked up and has really done their best to keep everybody around them and them self safe,” Mabra said. “It’s very rare to see anybody in this town not (being) safe.”

“Gosh, everybody’s been so gracious and so grateful that we’re working hard to stay open,” Stillwell-Current said. “We live in a great little town.”

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