Coronavirus: Nearly 80% of Ohioans like how DeWine is handling crisis

Nearly eight in 10 voters in Ohio approve of how Gov. Mike DeWine is handling the coronavirus crisis and nearly nine in 10 are concerned about how the pandemic will impact the economy, according the Baldwin Wallace University Great Lakes poll.

Most Ohioans — 67.9% — think the worst of the crisis is yet to come.

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The poll found broad support for DeWine’s decisions:

• 87.7% support shutting K-12 schools.

• 81.5% support shutting daycare centers.

• 76.5% support shutting bars and restaurants.

• 86.2% support limiting public gatherings.

• 70.6% support changing the primary election date.

• roughly eight in 10 support canceling or postponing sporting events.

• 90.8% support making people impacted by the virus eligible for jobless benefits.

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Three-quarters of Ohio voters say they’re concerned about the impact of the virus on their personal finances, 69% are worried they or an immediate family member may get infected, 80.4% say they’ve changed their daily routine and 85% report that they’re paying attention to the coronavirus news.

The poll was conducted March 17-25 by three universities — Baldwin Wallace, Ohio Northern and Oakland in suburban Detroit. The margin of error for the Ohio portion is plus or minus 3.3 percentage points.

DeWine is getting higher marks from Ohioans than governors in Michigan, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin are getting from their residents, the poll found.

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Fifty-eight percent of Ohio voters approve of how President Donald Trump is handling the COVID-19 crisis while 45% approve of how Congress is handling it, the poll found.

The poll found Ohio voters evenly divided over their view of Trump, with 46.9% holding a favorable view and 46.5% holding an unfavorable view.

Meanwhile, 40.8% of Ohioans view Democrat Joe Biden favorably while 43.9% hold a negative view of the former vice president. Forty-six percent of Ohioans hold a negative view of Democrat Bernie Sanders while 34.2% hold a favorable view.

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