Coronavirus scam: People claim fake donations to Dayton fund

The Dayton Foundation says someone who has been going door to door selling coupon books is falsely claiming the purchase will lead to a donation to a fund to help fight COVID-19.

The scammer allegedly claims the Dayton Foundation will donate $30 to the COVID-19 Response Fund for Greater Dayton and groceries to community members in need upon purchase of a coupon book.

The Dayton Foundation says it and none of its partners have authorized this activity.

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The foundation says community members who encounter a solicitation like this should call the police, instead of the foundation.

“Currently the only approved fundraising activity is by United Circulation Group, the authorized seller of Dayton Daily News subscriptions, which will donate a portion of its proceeds as a charitable gift to the fund,” the foundation said.

The COVID-19 Response Fund for Greater Dayton seeks to provide emergency assistance to nonprofit organizations supporting immediate, basic human needs, particularly among vulnerable populations.

To contribute to the fund visit The Dayton Foundation is paying all credit card processing fees and waiving administration fees so that 100 percent of donations go to charity.

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