Dayton hospital buys two neighboring homes

Dayton Children’s Hospital bought several houses neighboring its main campus.

The independent pediatrics hospital based in the Old North Dayton neighborhood bought two residential properties at 143 through 149 Grant St. for a combined $240,000 in a sale recorded Oct. 4.

The hospital didn’t have specific plans available for the properties but said it has been acquiring land and buildings around its campus as part of its long term growth plans.

The homes face the hospital’s campus, which is in the midst of an expansion and planning more growth.

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Dayton Children's is wrapping up a $168 million patient tower project that added 260,000 square feet of space. The hospital also plans to construct a new, two-story community health resource center on Stanley Avenue , with the goal of using the 40,000 to 50,000 square foot center to address issues in the community that lead to poor health for children.

The hospital also bought an industrial property now home to Progressive Printers. It hasn't yet said what it plans to do with the building though a hospital spokeswoman said buying the property was part of its long term growth plans.

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