Dayton may close meetings to public during coronavirus emergency

Dayton commissioners this week are expected to vote on new legislation that will allow the city to hold commission meetings remotely during the coronavirus emergency.

The legislation would allow city commissioners to use electronic methods, like video teleconferencing, to hold special, regular or emergency meetings.

Commissioners would not be required to be physically present at the meeting site, and the meetings “need not be open” to the public or allow for public comment, the ordinance states.

The meetings may be broadcast online or on TV and cable.

Elected leaders in some other communities across the country have taken similar types of steps to hold meetings electronically.

Ohio’s schools have to be closed by the end of today, and bars and restaurants across the state must close at 9 p.m. for dine-in business.

This morning, some coffee shops and restaurants were open, but chairs were stacked upside on tables, to prevent customers from sitting down.

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