Dayton Public Schools to lay off 20 administrative employees

Dayton’s school board voted Tuesday night on the “separation from employment” of 20 administrative employees.

The list includes:

  • Four supervisors in the district's embattled transportation department,
  • Four coordinators in the curriculum and instruction department,
  • Four state and federal program coordinators,
  • Three leaders at the service building, including Interim Chief Operating Officer Jo Wilson.

The board immediately went into closed executive session to discuss employment issues before coming out to conduct the rest of the meeting, including these votes.

Also Tuesday afternoon, the school district released reduction in force and abolishment of position letters sent to employees. That list includes the 20 administrators mentioned above, 20 paraprofessionals, six building trades employees and three others.

The totals do not match the number of layoff letters that union officials reported last week. In some cases that could indicate the difference between a straight layoff and a displacement, where an employee is able to switch to a different job.

School district attorney Jyllian Bradshaw said the staff moves are not finished.