Deer strikes and wrecks involving deer are on the rise, area body shops report

Area body shops are reporting an increase in damage to vehicles because of deer strikes.

Mechanics tell WHIO-TV the majority of the accident they're seeing have been occurring from dusk until dawn.

Mechanic Bob Merchant, with Todd Fisher's Body and Collision Repair Center in Springfield, said he has worked on three vehicles towed this past week.

"They started in August and they're continuing as we speak," Merchant told WHIO TV's James Buechele on Wednesday.

Merchant said many drivers he deals with carry rental insurance as part of their overall auto policies. He suggests that everybody carry the coverage because many people don't plan to be without their vehicle because of an unanticipated event.

"The biggest thing I’m seeing right now is people think they’re saving money by not having rental coverage on their insurance," Merchant said. "Have it. It’s the best thing you can do.”

Sgt. Mark Bowron, who has been tracking deer strikes this week on News Center 7 Daybreak for WHIO Radio AM 1290 / News 95.7, said more deer strikes can be expected before the season ends.

According to ODOT, there were 184 accidents involving deer in Clark County last year. There were nearly 300 in Miami, Shelby and Greene counties.

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