WATCH: Deployed for more than a year, military dad surprises daughters at school

He’s been deployed for more than a year while his wife and two daughters were at home in Bellbrook.

On Thursday, the girls thought it was going to be just another day at school.

News Center 7 was there as Olivia, 12, and Charlie, 5, waved American flags in the middle school cafeteria. They were looking at their school mascot, with no idea their dad was in the costume.

Senior Master Sgt. Brian Scott Massaro is dressed as “Swoop” with his military uniform on underneath.

“Coming back home is going to be very emotional, since my, my little girls, all I’ve seen them is through Facetime and text messages,” he said.

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At this point, his daughters think they’re gathered for a military appreciation day.

As Massaro dances his way through the cafeteria, his daughters have no idea they’re about to see their dad.

Charlie’s hug expressed more than her words could.

Older daughter Olivia was baffled by the surprise.

“I’m still confused,” she said.

But there’s no confusion about one thing — this dad is happy to be home.

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“I saw both little girls in surprise. Charlie was big old smiles ... and Livie couldn’t believe it. She just, I think she was just in shock that I was home. But it was great. She loved it,” he said.

To pull off that surprise, Massaro had to stay in a hotel, just down the road from his house, last night right after returning home.

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