Green space behind the vacant Hithergreen Senior center in Washington Twp. May 10, 2017. TREMAYNE HOGUE / STAFF
Photo: Jim Witmer
Photo: Jim Witmer

Development at Hithergreen in Washington Twp. denied by zoning board

A local developer seeking approval from the Washington Twp. zoning commission, on what has been a hotly debated topic for residents near the former Hithergreen Center, has been denied.

Developer Tom Peebles of Peebles Homes was unanimously denied a zoning change recommendation to the land at 5900 Hithergreen Drive, where he planned to build 35 new homes on the property.

Several dozen residents of the neighborhood were in attendance at the Washington Rec West Center with at least two dozen speaking in opposition to the development, citing the desire for a neighborhood park and density of the project.

The project called for lots of a quarter-acre for the 14-acre plot of land.

Peebles met with concerned neighbors of the property in May to discuss the future of the site. Several residents voiced concerns then, citing the same concerns presented at Tuesday’s zoning commission meeting.

The development still has a chance for approval, when Peebles presents the plans to township trustees Sept. 11.