Election Day: Board of elections report minor issues with new voting machines

This Election Day, several counties in the region will be using new voting machines.

With the new machines in Montgomery County, voters check in like normal and then can either use a paper ballot or choose to do the entire ballot digitally. Once voters complete their ballot, it is printed and scanned into the ballot box.

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Steve Harsman, deputy director of the Montgomery County Board of Elections, said there were a few problems that were addressed quickly, which is going to be part of using any new system. He said the new voting machines have so far been well received.

“Nothing but positive feedback on the system itself,” Harsman.

Low voter turnout is predicted this election, with no major federal or state issues on the ballot. However, more than 200 issues and races are on the ballot across the region, including school tax issues, mayor races and school board races.

Llyn McCoy, director of the Greene County Board of Elections, said rain may caused light voter turnout during morning hours.

“Things have been going smoothly so far. We had some minor issues with the upgraded machines, but they were quickly resolved.”

Tim Kambitsch, who came out to vote in Dayton Tuesday morning, said he encourages people to come out during these types of elections, because these smaller local races are a way for your voice to be heard.

“In low turnout years, your vote actually has a bigger impact,” he said.

Val Beerbower said as she headed into the polls that while she had a chance to early vote, she likes to cast her ballot on the day of.

“There’s something about voting the day of election that’s kind of exciting,” she said.

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