Fairborn City Schools run out of ‘calamity days,’ will add to year end


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Poor weather and building issues have caused Fairborn City Schools to run out of the “calamity days” the school district has allotted itself, said Superintendent Mark North.

The district will tack on extra days at the end of the school year, North said. That means, after a snow day this week, that school will end May 31 instead of May 30.

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School has been closed six times, North said. Two of the days were due to a mix of heating issues, busted pipes, and bus concerns. The remaining days were cancelled due to road and weather conditions.

State law no longer mandates that schools make up calamity days after the first five, requiring only that schools exceed a certain number of hours of instruction, determined by grade level. But Fairborn and some other school districts — including Mad River and Greeneview — have approved school calendars that still choose to make up days if they miss more than five.

This newsroom is working to talk to additional school districts about plans following this year’s rough winter.

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