Family seeks answers about Dayton man involved in kidnapping case

Family and friends say they have not seen or heard from a Dayton man since July after police first started investigating a kidnapping case, and family and friends are pushing for answers.

Kwasi Casey, 40, is listed as a “complainant” in a Dayton police report obtained by News Center 7.

“Our detectives are actively investigating this case," said Cara Zinksi-Neace, spokeswoman for the Dayton Police Department.

News Center 7 has been pushing police for months for details on the case, but Zinski-Neace said she was unable to release additional information about the department’s investigation.

Casey’s sister, Latoya Rutledge, told News Center 7 she is heartbroken not having answers.

"His kids, they love him so much. They really want him back,” Rutledge said. “We just want him back. We want that closure."

The Dayton police report shows the July 7 kidnapping incident was reported around 8:20 p.m. in the 2600 block of Hilary Avenue. However, the report does not include any details about whether police are looking for suspects or what actually happened.

Rutledge said she believes she knows what happened to Casey, but wants to know why the investigation is taking so long.

“It’s been three months,” Rutledge said. “That’s a lot of time.”

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