Finance director takes over as interim Brookville city manager

Brookville has appointed its director of finance as the interim city manager until the city decides on the next steps for that position.

Sonja Keaton, director of finance, was appointed last week as the interim city manager by city council, which cited her years working for the city.

She came to the city in September 1993 and has worked in various roles that include clerk of council, deputy clerk and her current role.

Keaton is uncertain if she will apply for the position when council opens the applications.

Asked what her goals are for the position, Keaton said, “It is premature to set my goals, but I will continue to work with council to maintain and strengthen council’s vision.”

Gary Burkholder, former city manager, resigned at Tuesday’s council meeting after reaching a termination agreement that will pay him for the next four months and full benefits that were listed in his voluntary resignation and the termination of employment agreement, both of which were obtained by the Dayton Daily News using public record laws.

City official’s declined comments about how much the severance pay would amount to in total and declined to give a reason for his abrupt resignation.

He received a raise that went into effect Jan. 1 of $4,053.44 biweekly and was scheduled to received another raise July 1 to $4,114.24 biweekly.

As previously reported, the agreement said neither party would comment to the news media or on social media about his departure.

Burkholder has been with the city since mid-2015 after former City Manager John Wright retired.

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