I-75 South at U.S. 35 split in Dayton open again after fire erupts on truck trailer

UPDATE @ 5:18 p.m.: Something on a trailer being hauled by a pickup truck caught fire and that led to the minutes-long full shutdown of I-75 South and a partial shutdown of I-75 North at the U.S. 35 split in Dayton, firefighters said.

The truck and trailer have been moved to the old Pilot gas station at I-75 and Edwin C. Moses Boulevard,

where fire crews will take everything off the trailer and hose down everything.

Dayton firefighters tell us two men in the truck said something on the large flatbed trailer they were hauling caught fire. Neither of the men was injured.

Fire crews had one of the men drive the truck and trailer off the interstate to a location where crews could put out the fire.


A fire involving a vehicle onlookers have described as a pickup truck has prompted the shutdown of I-75 South at the U.S. 35 split in Dayton.

Northbound 75 is partially shut down -- the left lanes -- because of fire trucks that need access to the fire.

We have not heard of any injuries from the incident, which was reported about 4:47 p.m.

One witness described it this way: “The truck looked like a rolling ball of flame.”

We will update this developing report as we learn more.

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