Greene County health inspections

Summaries of inspection reports on file from the Greene County Combined Health District, from Jan. 2 to Jan. 6. District information is available online at

Tim Horton’s

1318 N. Fairfield Road, Beavercreek

Date of inspection: Jan. 6

Violations: Found no written procedures or body fluid cleanup kit available. Addressed with PIC. Correcting.

Found no employee health verification sheet. Discussed with PIC. Correcting.

Found a multitude of items stored unprotected in the walk in freezer as well as over the make table at the front service area. Also found the ice bin under the soda machine left open. Corrected.

Found food products stored in unlabeled containers at the donut prep station.

Found many broken/cracked/damaged lexan/plastic containers and lids in the facility. These are in the process of being discarded.

Found the seals on the beverage air cooler by the soda machine, and the cooler doors under the make table in need of replacement. Also found the shelf above the dump sink with many cracked edges requiring repair.

Found the splashguard separated from the sink. The caulk must be scraped, the area cleaned, and resecured to the sink and caulked into place. Furthermore, the caulking behind the 3 compartment sink is moldy and must be replaced.

Found dishes put away on the clean shelf with food and sticker debris present. Corrected.

Found the seals of the reach in coolers requiring a detailed cleaning.

Found kitchenware stored with the food contact surface facing upwards. Also found coffee filters stored unprotected.

Found kitchenware stored with the handles facing in opposite directions.

Found employee eating and drinking from an open cup in the food prep area. Also found a screw cap lid bottle in food prep areas. Corrected.

Found the wall tiles in the hallway to the restrooms missing grout and gaping from the wall. Also found a wood storage rack under the prep table. This must be sealed or painted to be made smooth and easily cleanable. The handle in the men’s restroom must be repaired.

Found the walk in cooler very dirty with numerous articles of food on the floor and under the shelving, as well as the area at the bottom of the entrance caked with food debris. The vent screens and the floor traps must also be cleaned. The rest of the facility required detailed cleaning under and behind equipment.

Found the mop stored on the floor rather than hanging to air dry.

Found food in the sanitizer section of the 3 compartment sink as well as the clean drainboard of the dishwasher covered with food soils.

Found a screw missing in the ice machine.

Comments: Provided new handouts and discussed new code changes and the following items are required to be completed/provided: a procedure for cleanup of vomiting/diarrheal incidents (viewable during inspections) and provision of a diarrhea/vomiting cleanup kit that is compliant with the new rules (see handout); a sign off sheet which indicates that employees have been informed of when they must report illness which is readily viewable during inspections; in addition to a level 1 certified PIC on all shifts, each facility is required to provide a level 2 trained individual (see handout for information regarding how to secure this training).

Per our discussions with the PIC, your facility is encouraged to develop a short-term and long-term action plan regarding the issues identified during today’s inspection. To ensure compliance with the Ohio Food Code, please address all noted and discussed issues prior to your next inspection. Note that the Health District is available to assist you upon request.

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