Greene County state Rep. Perales to run for county commissioner

State Rep. Rick Perales (R-Beavercreek)
State Rep. Rick Perales (R-Beavercreek)

State Rep. Rick Perales has confirmed he wants to return to local politics in Greene County.

Perales submitted petitions this week to be a candidate for the Republican primary for county commission, according to Llyn McCoy, Greene County Board of Elections director.

Perales, a former county commissioner and Beavercreek mayor, is serving his fourth and final term in the Ohio House of Representatives, representing District 73.

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While the traditional path for a state representative at times is to serve in the Ohio Senate or in the U.S. Congress, Perales said in a phone interview Friday he knows and enjoys serving in “local government.”

“Regardless of where it is — at the local or state level or in Washington D.C., — to me service is service. I enjoy it and I’m good at it,” Perales said.

The seats occupied by Greene County Commissioners Tom Koogler and Bob Glaser are up for re-election next November. Republican voters will be asked in March to choose who the Republican nominee will be for those November races.

Perales submitted petitions to be a challenger for Glaser’s seat. Glaser is not expected to run for re-election, officials said.

Perales is the only person so far to submit petitions for the county commission races, McCoy said.

Perales said his priorities will be supporting local municipalities, supporting water and sewer infrastructure as the county continues to grow, and talking to constituents to find out what their concerns are.

Perales said he would work with State Sen. Bob Hackett (R-District 10) in a collaborative way to the benefit of Greene County and its residents.

“Bob Hackett and I have done some great legislation. Having him as a friend in the Senate with my knowledge of the needs and requirements in local government is another positive point for me doing this,” he said.

As an Ohio representative, Perales' base salary per year is $63,700. He receives an additional $9,000 per year for serving as the chairperson on the Armed Services and Veterans Affairs Committee, according to the Ohio Revised Code. Greene County commissioners’ annual salaries are set at $75,963, according to the County Commissioners Association of Ohio.