Here’s what DeWine’s plan to reopen Ohio says, what businesses must do

Ohio Gov. Mike DeWine today outlined a phased-in approach to reopening the state for business.

The plan calls for some efforts to begin May 1 and others be added throughout the month.


DeWine said, “We know there is a great desire to get restaurants fully open and to get hair salons and daycares open, but we must first start down the pathway of opening things up where we thought there was less risk and a more controllable risk.”

A look at what the governor said:


May 1 

Health care opening: 

All health procedures that do not require an overnight stay in a hospital will be allowed.

Dental offices and veterinary offices also will be included in the order allowing them to reopen.

DeWine said this will replace the mid-March order that prohibited nonessential procedures.

He also noted the March order did not prevent people from going to their doctor or to their hospital, but some chose not to do those things because they were afraid to do so. He said he wants Ohioans to take care of themselves and continue to visit their doctors as needed to ensure they are healthy.

May 4 

Manufacturing, distribution and construction: 

DeWine said the above businesses will be opened but with requirements.

Those requirements include:

1. No masks, no work, no service. No exceptions. All workers and customers must have facial coverings.

2. Businesses must conduct daily health assessments for employees.

3. Good hygiene must be enforced at all times, including social distancing.

4. Sanitize all surfaces routinely.

5. Limit capacity in facilities to meet social distancing guidelines.

General offices: 

DeWine said business in office settings also will be allowed to reopen the week of May 4, using the same rules as those above for manufacturing, distribution and construction.

He also emphasized that companies with the ability to allow workers to work from home should continue to do so with as many people as possible.

May 12 

Consumer retail and services: 

All employees will be required to wear facial coverings, as will customers.

DeWine said masks are not required for the general public outside, but they will be mandatory to be inside a business.

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