How many people earn what you do? See how you compare in the area

In addition to having a decent cost of living and below-average housing costs, this region also is home to some good-paying jobs.

That is evident by income tax data recently released by the Ohio Department of Taxation.

In the Miami Valley region, about 118,380 tax returns reported earnings of $100,000 or more, according to analysis of the data by this news outlet. That amounts to about one in six returns filed by local taxpayers in tax year 2016.

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About 3.5 percent of returns filed by taxpayers in the region reported earnings of more than $200,000,

Tax filers can submit individual or joint returns. The region includes Butler, Champaign, Clark, Greene, Miami, Montgomery and Warren counties.

Two local counties cracked the top 10 in the state with the highest percentage of high-income earners.

About 7.4 percent of tax filers in Warren County had incomes in excess of $200,000, ranking third in the state, out of 88 counties.

Greene County ranked 10th in Ohio, with 3.9 percent of returns reporting incomes north of the quarter-million dollar mark.

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Leading the state was Delaware County (11.3 percent of returns with $200,000 plus), which is home to upscale Polaris mixed-use development, north of Columbus. Last was Morgan County (0.5 percent of high-income returns).

Butler County was 12th (3.6 percent of returns), Montgomery County was 23rd and Miami County was 24th (both 2.5 percent).

Ohio resident taxpayers filed nearly 5.2 million tax returns for tax year 2016, more than two-thirds of whom reported incomes of $60,000 or less.

The local trend mirrors the statewide one: 65 percent of tax filers in the seven-county region earned $60,000 or less, according to recently released data from the Ohio Department of Taxation.

More than one-third of tax returns from Butler, Champaign, Clark, Greene, Miami, Montgomery and Warren counties reported incomes of $25,000 or less.

Half of local tax filers had incomes of $40,000 and below. In this region, the average federal adjusted gross income was about $63,008.

More than 750,300 resident tax returns in the state reported six-figure incomes.

And then there’s the millionaire’s club.

Local data weren’t available, but more than 9,200 resident returns from across Ohio had earnings of seven figures (0.2 percent of all returns filed).

To be in the top 1 percent of resident tax filers in Ohio, one would have needed to earn about $350,000 or more. About 57,019 tax filers fit into this category.

A tiny number of returns (723) reported incomes of more than $5 million.

Compare by number of tax returns filed in local counties by income level

AmountAll local counties% of total
$25,000 and under238,71133.6%
Over $200,00024,8623.5%
AmountButler CountyChampaign CountyClark CountyGreene County
$25,000 and under54,9955,86022,32523,565
Over $200,0006,0322098352,837
AmountMiami CountyMontgomery CountyWarren County
$25,000 and under16,19686,84628,924
Over $200,0001,2305,9347,785

SOURCE: Ohio Department of Taxation

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