Huber Heights Mayor Tom McMasters cleared in latest complaint

Vice mayor finds no wrongdoing in June allegations.

In a report delivered this week to city council and to complainant Melissa McGhee, Vice Mayor Tyler Starline found “no evidence of wrongdoing by” McMasters.

McGhee argued the rules of council were violated when a work session agenda included pictures of Councilmen Glenn Otto and Richard Shaw inside City Hall during off-hours. Discussions about accusations that the pair of councilmen inappropriately handled records were scheduled for discussion in open session.

McGhee’s complaint stated that “if there is to be an implication of wrongdoing in reference to a missing document against a council member(s), this matter either needs to be filed as a complaint to the mayor or needs to be held in executive session.”

Starline noted Councilman Ed Lyons asked the agenda item be included with pictures, and Councilwomen Janell Smith, Nancy Byrge and Judy Blankenship contacted the mayor directly to express their support of including the pictures.

The complaint from McGhee, who did not immediately respond to a request for comment Wednesday, was filed in June.

Separately, the Ohio Auditor’s office declined to investigate the accusations against Shaw and Otto, essentially clearing them in the matter.

McMasters was also cleared by Starline in May resulting from a complaint filed by Smith, who alleged the mayor failed to follow proper procedure.

Additionally, and among a host of other controversies since taking office in January 2014, McMasters has been censured by City Council twice; city staff filed a complaint against McMasters; he attached, without authorization, a memo to city manager Rob Schommer’s contract stating his disapproval; and he has refused to sign legislation that was passed by council.