IMPACT program helps bridge gap between police, community

Across Montgomery County, a program allows officers better serve their communities while helping to build trust and establish connections.

That’s why the Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office a few years ago launched the IMPACT committee, which stands for Improving Modern Police and Community Trust.

“We really need a way to communicate with different people in the community and this was a great way of doing it,” Sheriff Rob Streck said.

The group meets monthly, when police and community leaders throughout the community can come together.

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“We talk about current events, any subject matter that anyone feels is important at that time and then we just openly discuss it,” Streck said.

The committee also give officers the resources to better serve people they encounter in the community.

For example, deputies encountered a great need earlier this month when they responded to a house on Canyon Road in Harrison Twp. There, seven people, including three children, suffered carbon monoxide poisoning.

Larry Lane, community resource officer for the sheriff’s office, contacted Pastor Scott Ritz.

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“Everything from quilts to blankets, teddy bears and toys. Whatever the need is, he made himself available to say, ‘hey, if there is a need we will come and fix it,’” Lane said.

It is unexpected help from law enforcement and is helping to bridge a gap.

Knowing who to call for assistance it also appreciated by officers.

“Knowing that helps take a burden off us us because we have a responsibility on the law enforcement side that we don’t have to worry about the humanity side because we have great friends in our communities that are willing to reach out,” he said.

For anyone interested in learning more about IMPACT, visit the webpage or email

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