Local Leap Day babies celebrate their birthdays

Kim Hunley will celebrate his 16th birthday this year. He was born on Feb. 29, 1956.

“It’s a weird day,” said Hunley of Fairborn.

Hundreds of Miami Valley residents will celebrate their birthdays on Leap Day, a day that only comes around every four years.

Hunley said some kids in school made fun of him for having a strange birthday, or not having a birthday every single year, but he has never wished for a different birthday.

“I’m looking forward to celebrating my Sweet 16th,” Hunley said.

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For Annette Ramsey, who celebrates her “15th” birthday Saturday, this year has extra meaning.

Ramsey lost everything in the Memorial Day tornadoes. She was living in the Foxton Court Apartments when the tornadoes ripped through Dayton.

She remembers sitting in her bathroom and hearing everything around her.

“I had to stay in three different shelters before I finally got settled in housing in November,” Ramsey said. “That was something. Whew.”

Ramsey said after losing all of her belongings and her housing, she is more than ready to have a proper birthday celebration. And to celebrate on her actual birthday.

She will celebrate her “15th” birthday with all her family this weekend.

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There is a one in 1,461 chance of being born on Feb. 29. In America, there are about 187,000 people born on Leap Day.

Growing up, Hunley’s family would celebrate his birthday on Mar. 2, the day both his older sisters were born. Today, Hunley and his wife Sandy refer to the birthdays in between Leap Years as his “unbirthdays.”

Hunley said he and his family plan to celebrate his Leap Day birthday with a steak dinner.

“That’s what’s most important anyway,” Hunley said, “is family.”

Whenever he is feeling old, Hunley said his granddaughters, who are 9- and 12-years-old, remind him that he’s only technically a few years older than they are and that someday they will be older than him.

Marrian Lee Morris, who was born on Feb. 29, 1952, said most years she celebrates her birthday over two days, Feb. 28 and Mar. 1.

On Leap Years, the Dayton resident celebrates for all of February and March.

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