Local officials urge employers, residents to follow reopening rules

Public Health - Dayton & Montgomery County Jeff Cooper said the requirements the DeWine administration laid out for how businesses in the state will slowly reopen are clear and it is “really the requirement of employers to make sure they are enforcing these requirements.”

"Public Health will continue to do its part but we need to make sure all citizens and all employers comply with these requirements," Cooper said, adding that the requirements will be posted online at their website phdmc.org.

Dayton Mayor Nan Whaley emphasized the importance of keeping up physical distancing even as the state starts a slow, phased reopening, saying that how Ohioans do in this next month will determine how the month after will go.

“We don’t want to have to tighten back up on some of these pieces. We want to make sure we can start even thinking about a bit of economic recovery. But if we do not do these things thoughtfully and don’t follow the rules of this order we won’t be able to do that,” Whaley said.

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Cooper said there is still an information gap in truly understanding the disease.

“No one has the definitive answer. We don’t really know the prevalence of the disease … we don’t really know the disease burden within our community and what the mortality might end up being. We also have a testing shortage so very few people are currently being tested. There’s still a lot of uncertainty.”

Cooper said there’s frustration, anxiety and an economic burden to the situation, but Public Health pledges to provide the most accurate information it has when it has it.

As of Monday afternoon, there have been 15,699 test confirmed coronavirus cases in Ohio since the start of the outbreak, and 626 cases that meet the CDC standards for a probable case. A total 119,391 Ohioans have been tested since the beginning. There have been 712 confirmed deaths and 41 additional deaths under the probable case definition.

Of the Ohio cases, 50% of people are identified as white, 23% as black, 11% unknown, 8% other, 6% multiracial and 1% Asian American, with fewer than 1% identified as American Indian, Hawaiian Native or Pacific Islander.

Since the start of the outbreak, there have been 3,232 hospitalizations in Ohio from COVID-19 cases. There are about 1,065 people in Ohio hospitalized from COVID-19, according to Ohio Hospital Association as of Monday morning.

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In Butler County, there have been 234 documented cases, with 70 hospitalizations and four deaths.

In Clark County, there have been 43 cases with nine hospitalizations and two confirmed deaths.

In Champaign County, there have been 12 cases, two hospitalizations and one deaths.

In Darke County, there have been 75 ccases, 14 hospitalizations and 13 deaths.

There have been 45 Greene County cases reported, including nine who were hospitalized, and three deaths.

In Montgomery County, there have been 262 cases, 84 hospitalizations, and eight deaths.

In Miami County, there have been 136 cases in Miami County with 49 hospitalizations, and 25 deaths.

In Preble County, there have been 25 cases, five hospitalizations and one death.

In Warren County, there have been 124 cases, 22 hospitalizations and 11 deaths.

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