Man harasses teen at bus stop, offers to give her ride anywhere

A 16-year-old girl told Dayton police that she went into a bank to get away from a middle-aged man who was harassing her, according to a police report.

The teen was waiting at a bus stop Tuesday evening in the 3700 block of Germantown Street when the man pulled up in a car.

The man reportedly asked if she wanted a ride and she said no, that she was waiting for the bus.

The man said that he would give her a ride anywhere and insisted she get in the car, according to the report.

The girl told police that the man “creeped her out” so she want inside a Key Bank, read the report.

She described the man as wearing a white beanie and in his 40s or 50s.

A person inside the bank was able to get the license plate number and gave it to police.

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