Miami County commissioners approve pay raise, appropriations

The Miami County commissioners approved the county's 2020 appropriations Thursday, Dec. 26, agreeing to a 3 percent pay increase for nonunion employees and authorizing several large projects to be paid from county reserves.

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The vote approved nearly $40 million in general fund spending and more than $105.3 million in spending for all county funds. Projected revenues, which commissioners said always are conservative, were set at $93,787 million overall and $29.87 million in the general fund.

The 3 percent pay increase is the largest approved in recent years. Commissioner

Ted Mercer said the increase is intended, in part, to retain employees.

"We feel our workforce salaries need to be more competitive with our surrounding counties' employees," he said.

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"We don't want to be a training ground for other counties, municipalities," said Commissioner Greg Simmons.

It was the largest pay increase in at least 10 years with more recent increases of 2 percent or 2.5 percent. The increases added just under $293,000 in salary and salary-related accounts.

The 2020 appropriations include several large projects including continuation of the courthouse plaza renovations; staffing/operation of new security screening at the courthouse and safety building; locking system upgrades at the jails; and a new county phone system, hardware and networking.

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Commissioner Jack Evans said those projects will be paid from county reserves and not require any tax increases.

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