Miami County Health District and Piqua Health Department reports

Sonic Drive In

Address: 1998 W. Main St., Troy

Date of inspection: July 12

Violations/comments: Clean residual on floors throughout food service. Observed dark light residual on gray floor. Manager believes it is from roller skates. Observed and felt sticky residual buildup in three compartment sink and prep sink. Clean when needed and every 24 hours. Observed greenish sticky residual on vegetable slicers/cutters. Clean properly when needed and after each use. Clean all equipment and wall and floor areas in cooking, frying and prep area of oil residual from cooking and preparation. Clean these areas when needed and/or every 24 hours. (Remember food contact surfaces every four hours when touching perishable food. Food service uses sanitizer to clean drink mixers between each use. Sanitizer does not have time to air dry between shakes/frozen drinks between uses so sanitizer can contaminate the drinks. Review policy/procedures of cleaning/sanitizing to protect the drinks from contamination. Remember sanitizer must air dry, not be dried by a cloth.

Fulton Farms

Address: 2393 Ohio 202, Troy

Date of inspection: July 17

Violations/comments: Food prep area clutter has improved. Continue to work on removing unnecessary items in food prep area and back storage room. Observed residential use only equipment in food area. Phase out this equipment and only bring in commercial NSF equipment. No new residential equipment is permitted. Buffalo freezer missing thermometer. Provide thermometer. Recommend adding more ice to free samples of melon. Post current food license.

Tecumseh Woods

Address: 1102 Lenox Drive, Piqua

Date of inspection: Aug. 15

Violations/comments: Satisfactory at time of inspection.


Address: 118 N. College St., Piqua

Date of inspection: Aug. 8

Violations/comments: The mop sink area is in need of a more thorough cleaning. The floor was very slippery and in need of a thorough cleaning.

Goodrich North Dayton

Address: 101 Waco St., Troy

Date of inspection: July 24

Violations/comments: Temperature logs are being kept foods that are cold and hot. All temperatures good at time of inspection.

Big Mike’s Gas N Go

Address: 8561 Ohio 201, Tipp City

Date of inspection: July 17

Violations/comments: Food thermometer provided is a meat thermometer. Provide thermometer capable of measure hot and cold foods (0 -200 degrees F). Watch damaged wall on back side of fountain machine from previous leak Repair wall. Pizza found at 109 degrees F. Keep hot foods 135 degrees F or above to reduce harmful bacteria growth. Voluntarily discarded. Leak under dump sink in serving area. Repair leak.

China Garden Buffet

Address: 15 S. Weston Road, Troy

Date of complaint: July 3

Violations/comments: Received complaint that two out of four individuals that ate at facility on 7/2 around 7 p.m. became ill with vomiting and diarrhea. Manager reports that facility never lost electric during any of the recent storms. Manager reports no employees have reported being ill. Manager reports all equipment has been working properly. Manager reports 7/2 business was extremely busy. Approximately 150 guests served.

Date of standard inspection: July 3

Violations/comments: Observed old/unused equipment being stored outside. Items include fryer, dish machine racks and white binds. Remove items and properly dispose. Open drink on prep surfaces and cook found eating while preparing foods. All drinks must b e contained and employees are not permitted to eat while doing prep to reduce cross contamination. Corrected. Missing cove molding under three-compartment sink. Replacing molding. Unlabeled chemical spay bottle. Label chemicals with common name to reduce accidental misuse. Corrected.

No covered trash in restroom. Provide covered trash. Uncovered foods in refrigeration units. Cover all foods. Foods undated in walk in cooler. Date foods with a consume by date not to exceed seven days to reduce harmful bacteria growth. Correcting. Bag of carrots on floor. Keep up off floor. Corrected. Dented can of bamboo shoots. Remove to prevent botulism. Corrected. Container of lemons stored in ice bin. Foods are not permitted to be stored in consumable ice. Corrected. Residential use only coffee pot. Replace with commercial, NSF equipment. Teriyaki chicken at 130 degrees F. Keep hot foods 135 degrees or above to reduce harmful bacteria growth. Corrected. Observed raw shell eggs stored above ready to eat foods in walk-in cooler. Store eggs below ready to eat foods to reduce cross contamination. Corrected.

Troy Eagles 971

Address: 225 N. Elm St., Troy

Date of inspection: July 19

Violations/comments: Observed many perishable foods sitting in containers in melted ice. Public does not recognize ice as method of cold holding. This food service must have a prep top cooler that maintains cold foods at 41 degrees F or below mechanically. Observed old mouse droppings on wood utility shelves. Clean area, sanitize area and eradicate rodents if present (safely). Observed carpeted rugs in bar area. Mats must be made of water resistant surface that is smooth and easily cleanable. Observed residential food equipment. Example is residential refrigerator. Food service must only use NSF approved or health department approved equipment. Sanitizer bucket is not present to place wet cloths in sanitizer between uses. Sanitizer cloths left out can grow bacteria in the cloth materials and debris in cloth.

Troy Apostolic Temple

Address: 625 N. County Road 25A, Troy

Date of inspection: July 18

Violations/comments: Observed a few ants on countertop area. Eradicate ants safely and properly. Ensure food is properly protected and clean surfaces. Fix water leak under prep sink. Fix broken cabinet doors. Ensure is properly working. Remember yearly water samples.

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