Mom: ‘Perfect match’ found for Ronnie Bowers’ organs

Even after Ronnie Bowers succumbed to his injuries Tuesday after being shot in the head Sunday near AlterFest, his mother hopes his organs can continue to bring life to others.

“I did receive a call this morning from someone from Life Connections that takes care of the organ donning and they found perfect recipients (for)…his heart, his kidneys, liver, lungs,” said Jessica Combs, Ronnie Bowers’ mother.

Life Connections of Ohio officials said they could not speak directly about Bowers’ case, however said the process of organ donation happens quickly.

“It is a pretty quick process,” said Stephanie Burianek, hospital liaison for Life Connections of Ohio. “We try not to take any longer than 48 hours when we have a case.”

Combs said it’s her hope that she can meet the recipients of Bowers’ organs.

“I would love to meet the recipients of all of them. I would especially love to meet the recipients who received his heart and his eyes,” Combs said. “I would love that his heart will continue to always beat and that it would save the life of someone. I would love to see his beautiful brown eyes saving the sight of someone.”

Burianek said in the state of Ohio there are approximately 3,100 people waiting for an organ donation.

Each organ donor can typically save the lives of up to eight people, Burianek said.