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Long John Silvers

3103 N. Gettysburgh Ave., Dayton

Date of inspection: Jan. 30

Violations: In the back kitchen prep area, two pans of raw fish were observed being thawed at room temperature. To limit microbial growth, all time-temperature control for safety food shall be thawed one of the following ways:

1. Under refrigeration

2. Under cool running water

3. During the cooking process

4. In a microwave if immediately served or cooked.

At the time of inspection, the two pans of raw fish were placed in the walk-in cooler.

The walk-in cooler door handle was observed in disrepair. To allow for proper function, repair or replace the walk-in cooler door handle.

The shelving units located inside the walk-in cooler were observed with a mold-like substance build-up. To prevent premature deterioration of equipment, clean the shelving units inside the walk-in cooler. Note: Ensure the interior surfaces of the fryers are frequently cleaned.

The PVC pipe beneath the hand sink across from the fryers was observed leaking water. To allow for proper function, repair or replace the hand sink plumbing.

Comments: At the time of inspection, the three compartment sink was observed with an EPA regulated sanitizer and the food contact surface (bucket) quaternary ammonium sanitizing concentration was observed at 200 ppm.


2555 Shiloh Spring, Trotwood

Date of inspection: Jan. 31

Violations: Observed build-up or debris on the following equipment surfaces: bottom storage shelf of prep table in back near storage racks; front of oven/range combo; outside of 2 door oven; outside of fryers; hood and filters above cooking equipment; ice cream freezer doors, track, and handles; clean utensil storage bins by dischmachine; and inside portion of handles, doors, front of unit, top shelf, trays, and tray holding area on make tables by cooking line. Make table door seals were also split, cracking and dirty. Clean and maintain these areas to prevent possible contamination.

Observed dust or debris build-up in the following areas of the facility: on floor around mop sink; ceiling/vents above prep table sink in back and make table near cooking line; and on walls to left and behind three compartment sink, behind prep table sink, and on corner by clean glasses and coffee machines. Clean and maintain to prevent possible contamination.

Observed chemicals to be stored with food or food contact surfaces throughout kitchen area. Keep chemicals stored away from food and food contact surfaces to prevent possible contamination. Corrected during inspection.

Comments: Time/temperature controlled for safety (TCS) foods stored properly and within proper temperature ranges.

Quaternary ammonia sanitizer concentration in three compartment sinks in dish area and bar was 200 ppm.

Chlorine sanitizer concentration at dishmachine was 50 ppm.

Ensure wiping cloths are stored in sanitizer solution between uses.

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