Montgomery County Health Inspections

The following are a sampling of food operation inspection reports from Public Health — Dayton & Montgomery County, from the week of Dec. 4-8. View full inspections reports at

Findlay Street Cafe

425 N. Findlay St., Dayton

Date of inspection: Dec. 5

Violations: Raw shell eggs being stored above pepperoni inside upright two door refrigerator in the kitchen. Ensure foods are stocked according minimum cooking temperature. Moved the eggs during the inspection and corrected.

Refrigeration units including walk in refrigerator in back room and make table in the kitchen, have excessive build up of debris on the fan units. Clean the units and then as needed to prevent excessive build up that can affect the efficiency of the refrigerators.

Threshold at the walk in freezer has unfinished two by four at the door. Ensure surfaces are smooth, durable, and easily cleanable. Looking at obtaining metal plate to place at the threshold.

Comments: Kitchen manager has Servsafe certification and the provider is applying for level two certification from the Ohio Dept of Health.

Have ice machine in room need patron area along with slicer on cart to take into kitchen and then move to make more space.


1570 Miamisburg-Centerville Road, Dayton

Date of inspection: Dec. 6

Violations: Observed gasket on cooler door of reach-in freezer (where hashbrowns are stored). Ensure gasket is replaced so that it is intact, smooth, and easily cleanable.

Observed multiple non-food contact surfaces with build-up of food residue. Ensure non-food contact surfaces are cleaned more frequently and maintained so that they are free of build-up.

- Inside yogurt/salad reach-in cooler

- Underside of Frappe machine

- Inside and underside of orange juice machine

- Inside and underside of creamer machines

- Inside cabinet of large ice cream machine

- Underside of McFlurry machine

- Coffee and shake cup storage units

Observed handsink, near French fries, not supplied with hot water. Ensure all handsinks are supplied with soap, hot water (minimum of 100.0F), and paper towels in order for proper handwashing to occur preventing the spread of contamination.

- Hot water- 74.0F

Observed water leaking from under multiple sinks at three compartment sink. Ensure water leaks are repaired so that plumbing is in good working order.

Comments: Spoke with PIC concerning proper time-stamping of sandwich condiments and toppings. Each shall be time-stamped immediately after each has left prep or cold holing. Foods shall be discarded no longer than 4 hours after prep or leaving cold holding.

PIC was informed to ensure a cleaning log is maintained for large ice cream machine. Ice cream machine is broken down and washed, rinsed, and sanitized every 14 days.

Observed an acceptable level of chlorine bleach sanitizer in chemical sanitizing dish machine.

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