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Photo: Staff Writer
Photo: Staff Writer

Need for nurses at local hospitals continue, professional development cause for vacancies

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“You see a lot of degrees being pursued like nurse practitioner degrees, certified nursing, midwifes, a lot of professional development occurring in the nursing field,” said Tim Dutton, chief human resources officer at Kettering Health Network.

The Ohio Nurses Association are currently advocating for Ohio to ban overtime in an effort to help keep nurses from leaving the field, however Dutton says nurses aren’t leaving the field, but instead just moving up quickly.

“I think they have an expectation of advancement and development and I think as they graduate from school it’s something they come to the workplace with,” he said.

As current nurses move up in their professions, it leaves vacancies for newer graduates. Dutton adding that is a good thing.

“As nurses are being promoted, they can pass along some of the knowledge they’ve gained to the next wave of the workforce,” Dutton said.