New 326 area code will change how you make calls

Due to the increase in demand for telephone numbers in the Dayton area, the local telephone providers are running out of 937 area code numbers, which has required the addition of the 326 area code being added to the local area.

In preparation for the 326 area code, the Ohio Public Utilities Commission and the Federal Communications Commission have directed mandatory dialing of the full telephone number. Beginning in February 2020, you will be required to dial area code+ telephone number. This will apply to all phones in the region, including home and cellular devices.

To ease this transition, Wright-Patterson Air Force Base will continue to support 99+Number alongside 99+937+Number dialing for 937 phones. When 326 numbers begin to be issued, all personnel will be required to dial the full number 99+326+Number to reach their destination. WPAFB to WPAFB calling will not be impacted, and users will continue dialing as they do today.

When dialing from home or a cellular phone, you will need to dial 937 + telephone number to reach WPAFB.

All other calls will not be impacted by the change, continue to dial 98 + area code + telephone number for long distance services.

Calls within the base will remain the same as today just seven digits 257-XXXX, 255-XXXX, etc.

Dialing 911 on or off base will not change.

You will need to add the 937 area code to all phone numbers you have programmed into your cell phones or other off-base devices, such as life safety systems, PBXs, fax machines, internet dial-up numbers, alarm and security systems or gates, speed dialers, call forwarding settings, voice service, etc.

This addition of the area code for local telephone calls will become mandatory on Feb. 8. New 326 telephone numbers are expected to begin utilization in March. Below is a map showing the area serviced by 937/326 area codes.

Any questions for on-base issues, contact 88CS Voice Systems Section at 937-904-2100. For questions off-base, contact the state’s Public Utilities Commission at

Calls between 937 and 326 have been designated as local calls.

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