New Carlisle family serves free homemade donuts, coffee

A New Carlisle family served free homemade donuts and coffee as a special treat for local residents on Friday morning.

“We’re just wanting to give people a chance to get out in this time when we are supposed to be stuck at home,” Myra Nicodemus said.

Nicodemus, 18, suggested the idea of the “Quarantine Cafe” to her mother, who thought it was a great idea. With her family’s support, they served donuts and coffee to residents in their cars from the family’s driveway.

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“They all have loved it,” Nicodemus said. “We have gotten more than what we had planned for, so we actually had to make extra donuts and extra coffees.”

She explained that the “Quarantine Cafe” was something special for her neighbors and a way for people to get out of their house during the stay-at-home order. People can receive a treat safely by staying in their cars, Nicodemus said.

“It’s the greatest thing,” one resident said as she received donuts and a coffee. The resident gave the family a tip for their kind gesture.

“Everyone’s been really into it and they really liked what we are doing,” Nicodemus said.

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