Ohio’s stay-at-home order: What are you allowed to do?

Ohio Health Director Dr. Amy Acton on Sunday issued an order telling Ohioans to stay at home to prevent the spread of coronavirus, or COVID-19, which has infected hundreds of people in the state already.

Acton’s stay-at-home order, which runs 12 pages, allows for a long list of common-sense exceptions allowing people to get medicine and food, as well as exercise.

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Here’s why residents can leave home:

Health and safety

Emergency medical services, obtaining medical supplies and medication or visiting a health care professional for people or pets in the household. You can also donate blood.

Necessary supplies and services

Groceries and food, household consumer products, supplies to work from home, automobile supplies, and products to maintain safety and sanitation of residences.

Outdoor activity

Walking, hiking, running, biking, going to public parks and open outdoor recreation areas; however, public playgrounds will be closed.

Certain types of work

Healthcare and public health operations, human services operations, governmental functions and essential infrastructure.

Taking care of others

Caring for a family member, friend or pet in another household and giving rides to family members, friends or pets for reasons allowed in the order. This includes attending weddings and funerals.

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