Police investigate post claiming nail found in candy after trick-or-treating

Police are investigating a Facebook post that claims a nail was found in a piece of Halloween candy in Tipp City.

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The post said a nail was found in a snack-sized Snickers bar received after trick-or-treating in Tipp City Tuesday.

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“In an effort to provide accurate information in a broad way, we’ve decided to publish the post, to include a picture of what was reported to us, so that you, the public, have the same information that we have at the police department,” Tipp City Police said in their own Facebook post Wednesday afternoon.

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Police said they are working to determine all the facts in the case and the incident remains under investigation.

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“We have had only this one report, nevertheless, it is a stark reminder of precisely why we should all check candy before our children ingest it.”

Additional details were not available.

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