Driver, passenger switch seats after OVI crash, caught on security camera footage

One person was arrested early Friday morning after trying to trick police by switching spots with his passenger following a crash while driving under the influence, according to Ohio State Highway Patrol Trooper Parsons.

Parsons said the crash was initially reported as a crash into a house on Pennyroyal Road, but the car only went off the road into some trees.

The driver, Brent Collins, 27, of Virginia Beach, who was drunk, then got out of the car and switched places with the passenger to make it look like the passenger had been driving, Parsons said.

“They both denied driving the vehicle,” Sgt. Christina Hayes said.

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However, the switch was caught on a security camera at a nearby house, so after confirming that he was drunk, the driver was arrested.

“The troopers were able to obtain surveillance footage from the resident and it clearly showed who was driving at the time of the crash,” Hayes said.

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