Prison inmates make, give items to Springfield nursing home residents

Inmates from a state prison made and donated items this week to Springfield seniors at a nursing home for the holidays.

The items donated included hats, scarves, afghans, quilts, blankets, pillow cases and other hand-made items for residents of Springfield Manor.

“They know that the products are going to people only in need,” said Lisa Crain, a case worker with the Madison Correctional Facility.

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Dawn Turner is the activity director for Springfield Manor. It’s a big deal for residents to be remembered during the holidays, she said.

“Lots of times when you are in a nursing home you are forgotten,” Turner said. “It’s especially hard this time of year. Somebody who doesn’t even know you takes the time to come and spend a little time with you, make a gift and give it to you.”

The products are made by the male inmates at the London prison with donated yarn, patterns and other materials, Crain said. The state prison adopted the nursing home two years ago and since then has donated items every Easter and Christmas.

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Crain was looking for a nursing home to assist when she found out about Springfield Manor.

“I was going around to random nursing homes and I saw a need here,” she said. “So we decided to adopt them.”

The correctional facility also makes items for other nursing homes in London and West Jefferson.

The statewide department encourages community service projects like these donated items, said Jeffery Noble, warden of Madison Correctional Institution. It helps everyone, he said, and the inmates work year-round on these items so they can be given out during various holidays.

“It keeps them productive for one thing and gives them a sense of staying active in the community,” Noble said. “Gives them something to do throughout the day, throughout the year.”

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